our Neighbourhood — above Queen up to Harrison, across Crawford out past Dovercourt — a place of creativity and tradition, leafiness and urbanity, density with breathing room, diversity with congeniality — efficient, convenient, walkable, replete with classic Toronto Victorian architecture and prized gardens — clean, safe, friendly, fun, supportive of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles.

the Ossington Strip — Toronto’s restaurant row, a city-wide destination distinctively prized for high-quality eclecticism — emerging from the entrepreneurial energy of the Strip’s business community — sustained by the Strip’s openness to the sky, its low-key, funky, intimate built form — fueled by visitors and residents on the Strip for relaxation, mystery, surprise, the latest, the artisanal, the funnest, the coolest. Restaurant row intermingles here on our town square with providers for car, soul, body, wardrobe, house, health, business, mind, eye, garden.

the Dundas Bend — a quirky segment of one of Toronto’s great corridors — a corridor stretching northwest through Beaconsfield, Davenport, Roncesvalles, the Junction, and beyond; leading east past beautiful Trinity-Bellwoods park, Kensington, Chinatown, through the heart of Downtown, and over the Don River out to the Beach — with a vibrant mix of locally-owned main street businesses and restaurants.

the Ossington Community Association — welcomes to its membership all residents of the neighbourhood, storefronts in the business districts, and nonresident friends of the neighbourhood.